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Bex Arcuri was born and raised in Wellington, Ohio, where she began performing her first gigs at local venues. After graduating high school, she moved to Bowling Green, Ohio, for college. She spent several years studying and practicing music, and later branded herself as Bex Arcuri. Bex has built a team of numerous local musicians and, with their help, has been able to work towards developing a music career in the Northwestern Ohio area. Bex Arcuri is a singer/songwriter that embodies an indie country/rock persona through her original music.

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About "Again"

I wrote "Again" about a year ago; right when Adam Shroeder and I started performing together around Bowling Green. I was working on writing more new songs, so that we had a collection to sing and perform down the road. Around this time, I had experience a huge family dynamic shift. Someone related to me who I did not have a good relationship with, but desperately wanted to, returned to my family's life. It seemed like things were turning around. They were getting better. They were getting healthier. They seemed happy. And most of all, they had us again. Before long, this family member left and I had no clue until two months later. It hit me hard to say the least, and I went months not expressing that sudden change and the grief I was holding onto again. I was scared to reach out, in fear that the same person I knew before would return back to the surface. Things have evolved since then, but "Again" is about that heartbreak. Mainly, it is a cry out for someone lost to me. Anybody who resonates with my song, I hear you and I see you. I hope "Again" helps you finally express the emotions you may have not gotten to express before. 

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